MAKS Siren Outdoor – Wireless Outdoor (Siren/Strobe Combination)


Wireless outdoor siren that notifies of danger using sound and light. The device is installed outside the room to raise an alarm for everyone to hear.

  • LED indication
  • Adjustable volume 113 dB
  • Dust and splash resistant
  • Wireless outdoor siren


Resistant to dust, hail and rain drops. Operates at a temperature of -25°С

Indicates armed/disarmed mode with a built-in LED

Operates up to 5 years without battery replacement or from 12 V DC power supply

The device notifies of detector activation with an audible alarm and LED.

Sound level and alarm length are set in the mobile application.

The device has IP54 dust and moisture protection. 12 V DC external power supply can be connected, if necessary. The built-in accelerometer will raise the alarm if an attempt is made to remove the siren.


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