7 tips to secure your home and business before the holidays


With the December holidays right around the corner, the security of your property might be the last priority on your Christmas checklist, but this is the most popular time for criminals to take advantage of vacant properties.


Here are 7 tips to ensure that your property is everything but an easy target for those unwanted guests.

1Never share your holidays information on social media beforehand

We know it’s tempting, but if you have a public profile, it’s easy for criminals to get valuable information regarding your departure dates. Rather keep your travelling dates private and only share that information with your friends and family.

2Don’t leave your keys in your usual hiding place

Seasoned burglars are familiar with all the secret spots people tend to hide their spare key. We suggest leaving yours with the neighbours just in case.

3Make a plan with the mail

It’s a big giveaway that you’re not at home or the office when your mail starts to pile up next to your mailbox. Cancel your mail or newspaper subscriptions during the holiday period or even better – offer your copy to a neighbour. Win win!

4Get a timer for your lights

This is one of the most popular tips to increase your property’s security. Speak to us about light switch controls from your smartphone.

5Double check that all windows and doors are closed

We know that this sounds basic, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure that all your windows and doors are locked before you depart on your holiday (and make sure you switch off your stove!)

6Tell your neighbour

They can help out by keeping an eye on your property and implementing small actions like parking a car in front of your house to give the illusion that someone is home.

7Install CCTV system that’s linked to your smartphone

Check up on your property 24/7 from anywhere.

In the end, installing a multi-layered security system is the ultimate solution to secure your home or business. The more you do to make your property a harder target, the less chance criminals will make your their next victim of crime.

We have so many modern and trustworthy options to choose from, get your free quote today.