Moving toward Smartphone technology

Control everything with your smart phone.

Smartphones can also be used in the realm of home security systems as mobile and home security technologies are combined to bring an enhanced range of functions to homeowners. Using smartphones, homeowners can experience new ways of remotely interacting with their home and even control multiple security layers while away from home.

Surveillance Cameras
• Allows parents to see and hear their child in real-time from a remote location.
• Keep an eye on domestic staff indoor and outdoors.

Alarm Systems
• Alarms can now be armed and disarmed from a smartphone from any location.
• No possibility of phone lines being severed during a burglary attempt.

Deterrents and Smartphone Security
• A burglary is less likely to break into a home that looks as if someone is in there.

• Deterrents used to discourage burglars are very important layers of home security.

• Control a home’s lighting remotely from a smartphone (activate as the sun sets give impression that someone is actually inside of the home).

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