Smart ways to protect your home

Home burglary and armed robbery are on the increase in Cape Town. Upmarket neighborhoods are targeted by bold and organized individuals, groups and syndicates. Nobody wants to live in fear, but these robberies are a reality. Here are a few things you can do to prevent yourself from being a soft target.

1. Purchase a home security system. When criminals see that your home is protected by a home security system, they’re less likely to attempt to burglarize your home. Always activate it when you leave your home and set it when you head up to bed.

2. Don’t leave windows and doors unlocked. Less sophisticated burglars are opportunists. Before you leave your home (and even while you’re home), make sure all windows and doors are locked.

3. Don’t advertise when you’re away from home. Make sure newspaper subscriptions are paused and ask a neighbor or friend to clear your post and junk mail.

4. Vary the way you use your outside and inside lights. Don’t make it easy for folks to know when you’re away from home. Burglars watch your house for a pattern of how you keep your outside and inside lights on, so vary the way you use them.

5. Have a reliable neighbor to watch your home and/or the Neighborhood Watch. Be sure that your neighbor and/or Neighborhood Watch can truly be trusted to watch your home.

6. Don’t make it easy to see the inside of your home. Many people don’t have curtains and mini-blinds and you can see the inside of their homes. This is a significant mistake. While you should certainly have the right to not have curtains and/or mini-blinds up to your windows, just know you’re giving robbers a clear view of what you have in your home.

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